About Us


Hornchurch Karate Club was established in 1986 and we are still going strong after 24 years. The style of karate we study is Ren-Shin-Kai which means “Strength in Unity”

We always have had and we always will have an open door policy, anyone can come and train at our club, regardless of the style of Karate that you are currently studying.

We start teaching from six years old and upwards, currently our students are across a wide range of

ages from 6 -> 60, for the full information about our club, you can either click here or click the About us at the top of the page.

Our instructors are DBS checked and I can provide this upon request.

We use Social media to push out information about the club, both to current members and to help advertise to get new students to join the club.

I do encourage, students and parents to follow the accounts, I will NOT follow not you back, I will only be using this to let you know details about the club.

I do use this site on a regular basis to publish out information about the club.

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The grading system in our club goes:

8th Kyu - Purple Belt

7th Kyu - Red Belt

6th Kyu - Yellow Belt

5th Kyu - Orange Belt

4th Kyu - Green Belt

3rd Kyu - Blue Belt

2nd Kyu - Brown Belt

1st Kyu - Brown with white Stripe

1st Dan - Black Belt

Gradings are carried out when the students are ready to grade, based on our judgement.  We will only put a student in for a grading when we are happy they will pass, and they have the correct attitude towards their training, not just on a minimum time scale.

You can view all the club rules here.